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WPI 90 Instant 700 g

PRODUCT ADVANTAGES ⤵      High protein content.      A small amount of carbohydrates and fat.      Works anabolic - it helps to build lean muscle mass.      Works anti-catabolic - prevents muscle breakdown.      It accelerates post-exercise muscle regeneration.      Suitable for all sports.      Recommended during muscle building.

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WPC80.eu 2270 g

PRODUCT ADVANTAGES ⤵ High protein content, Source of branched chain amino acids BCAA, Works anabolic - it helps to build muscle mass itself, Works anti-catabolic - program before muscle breakdown, Accelerates regeneration of the body, Suitable for all sports, Recommended by time period to build muscle mass.

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High Protein Ice Cream 400 g

PRODUCT ADVANTAGES ⤵      An excellent source of easily digestible proteins.      Contains no dyes, preservatives.      No added sugar or salt.      Easy to prepare.      Excellent variety of daily diet.      Delicious taste.      Up to 26g of wholesome protein in one serving.      Without the addition of vegetable proteins.

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Waxy Maize 1000 g

PRODUCT ADVANTAGES ⤵      The source of rapidly gained energy,      Easily digestible, is not in arrears in the stomach, does not cause bloating and discomfort,      It does not cause a large, sudden jump of insulin secretion,      It more quickly replenishes glycogen stores than other carbohydrates.

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