Essential vitamins for men

Essential vitamins for men

In some situations among men, it is crucial to take the right vitamins. But should they use different vitamins than women? What is the reason for that? When is it necessary to support themselves with a complex of vitamins for men?

Vitamins for men different from those for women?

The needs of the male and female body are generally quite similar, but not the same. Should vitamins for men have a different composition than those for women? If you choose a vitamin and mineral supplement designed specifically for men, its composition will be slightly different. What is the reason for this? Firstly, men have a higher demand for most vitamins and minerals, related to their average body weight. In addition, vitamins for men also include the needs associated with male fertility, greater muscle mass, faster metabolism and often higher physical activity. For some ingredients, men's requirements are lower than women's. Vitamins for men are poorer in iron (men do not lose it with menstrual blood), do not contain as much calcium (the risk of osteoporosis is higher in women, especially during menopause) or folic acid (necessary for the proper course of pregnancy).

When to take vitamins for men? The first indication should be a monotonous diet based on the same products, and a diet with low nutritional value. Don't like vegetables? Don't pay attention to the food composition of the products you buy? Do you drink cola rather than green tea and usually eat a sandwich for breakfast and dinner? Men's vitamins are for you, as there is a high risk that you do not provide yourself with adequate amounts of them with your diet. In addition, if your need for vitamins, minerals and other valuable substances is higher for some reason (e.g. you are planning a baby, have a lot of mental effort, are physically active), the addition of well-chosen vitamins for men can be very helpful.

Recommended products for men

What should men's vitamin complexes contain?

There is no specific composition of a vitamin complex for men. Even if the product is specifically designed, men have very different needs and for various reasons, they reach for a vitamin complex. However, without a doubt, good men's vitamins should contain:

  • Vitamin A essential for the proper functioning of the immune system, vision and young skin,
  • Vitamin C essential for strong, flexible joints and the immune system,
  • B vitamins involved in energy production processes, the nervous system, concentration and cognitive abilities,
  • Vitamins D and K, magnesium and calcium, which together form a complex essential for healthy bones,
  • Zinc and selenium - powerful antioxidants that protect against disease and are essential for the production of healthy sperm,
  • Potassium and magnesium which are involved in the regulation of the cardiovascular system, helping with hypertension and heart disease, which affect men far more often than women.

In addition, vitamins for men after 40 should be enriched with extracts such as sabal palm which help prevent prostate problems.

Vitamin A, C, B, D and K, which should be part of the vitamin complex for men?

Multivitamin for men's fertility

Low testosterone levels and fertility disorders are a huge problem in today's world and Western societies. Frequently, due to stressful work, lack of balance between rest and activity, poor diet, obesity, environmental pollution and other external factors, sperm quality is so low that it is impossible to have children. Reducing stressors is crucial for fertility, but it is also very important to provide vitamins, minerals and plant extracts that have a positive effect on men's procreative functions. This is where a fertility-specific multivitamin for men comes in.

A multivitamin for men improving fertility should include:

  • vitamin C and E - antioxidants,
  • vitamin B12 - deficiencies reduce sperm mobility,
  • selenium – protects sperm against oxidation,
  • zinc – its deficiencies impair reproductive functions,
  • carnitine for sperm mobility,
  • arginine for sperm production,
  • coenzyme Q10 - improves both sperm production and mobility.

In addition, a male multivitamin improving fertility should contain at least one plant extract from the following: ginseng, maca, ashwaganda, Ginko Biloba.

The best vitamins for active men

Vitamins and minerals for active men are designed to cover the increased demand of ingredients essential in energy metabolism (more exercise means more energy produced in the body and used by muscles) and to speed up the regeneration of joint and muscle damage, which is a natural consequence of increased physical activity.

The best vitamins for active men should provide:

  • B vitamins to regulate energy processes (B1, B2, niacin, pantothenic acid), blood-forming and support oxygen transport to cells (pyridoxine, folic acid, B12),,
  • vitamins C and E with antioxidant effects, as sport increases oxidative stress,
  • vitamin D to control calcium supply to the muscles,
  • magnesiumfor energy production, supporting muscle and nervous system,
  • L-arginine to strengthen muscles and participate in energy processes.

Vitamins and minerals for men have a slightly different composition than those for women. It is good to have in mind the special needs of the male body when choosing a vitamin complex, especially if men struggle with fertility problems or do a lot of sport. These are the two most common situations that require a specific multivitamin for men.

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