Vitamins for seniors - which supplements are the best for them?

Vitamins for seniors - which supplements are the best for them?

The vitamin requirements of seniors are different to those of young people. In daily supplementation, we should mainly focus on supporting the memory, mental abilities, healthy bones and overall vitality of the body. What preparations are worth taking to strengthen the organism for seniors? What vitamins are essential for seniors?

Senior vitamins for healthy bones

The ranking of senior vitamins necessary for the proper functioning of the elderly body begins with vitamin D. Its receptors are found practically in every cell of the human body, which indicates its significant role in the functioning of the entire organism. Vitamin D for seniors is important primarily in terms of supporting the brain, nervous system and cognitive functions, which decline with age. The second most important role is to strengthen bones, which are much more prone to demineralisation and fractures after the age of 50. It is a problem especially for post-menopausal women, whose bones condition are strongly affected by changes in the production of sex hormones. Considering what vitamins are best for a 60- or 70-year-old woman, vitamin D cannot be omitted.

When choosing senior vitamins for healthy bones, don't forget about vitamin K and calcium. Vitamin K is essential for controlling calcium metabolism, as calcium is the main ingredient of healthy bones, which will not be used properly if there are vitamin K and D deficiencies in the body. As you can see, all three components are strongly linked. Although calcium is found in large quantities in dairy products, its absorption is insufficient, because it is disturbed by the phosphorus also present in dairy products. Therefore, when choosing a vitamin set for seniors, it is worth choosing a preparation that contains vitamin D, K and calcium.

Recommended products for seniors

Senior vitamins for memory and concentration

Among the vitamins recommended for seniors, we cannot forget about vitamin B12. It is responsible for mental sharpness in old age, essential in transmitting impulses in the nervous system, and its deficiency has been linked to senile dementia and neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Vitamins for seniors should also provide omega-3 fatty acids. Although they are not vitamins in the literal sense, our intake of omega-3 in the diet is too little which is crucial for the function of the brain and the nervous system. Preparations with omega-3 acids should be included in every vitamin set for seniors, as they are the main component of the cell membranes of the nervous system and brain. Thanks to omega-3 acids, memory improves, oxygenation and blood supply to the brain increases, while the risk of dementia decreases.

Senior preparations for strengthening the organism

As we grow older, we often become weaker and our energy level decreases. Meanwhile, the elderly do not want to give up their daily activities and do not have to. If you notice a decrease in the strength of your relatives, it is worth choosing good preparations for strengthening the organism for the elderly.

Ways to strengthen the body in the elderly

The preparations strengthening the organism for the elderly may have very different compositions, be intended for general use or aimed to support a specific problem like blood circulation or memory. The most important and effective ingredients of body strengthening products for seniors are the so-called adaptogens - plants, which restore the natural balance in the body, improve endurance, increase resistance to diseases and mental abilities. The effects of adaptogens have been confirmed by thousands of studies carried out in Western countries since the Second World War. In addition, in Eastern medicine, they form the basis of treatment for many ailments. Adaptogens recommended in strengthening preparations for the elderly include ginseng, ashwagandha, Chinese citronella, safflower, rhododendron and maca root.

Liquid vitamin set for seniors

Liquid vitamins for seniors are a common gift idea for our loved ones. It would seem that it is an ideal preparation for seniors, which supports immunity, mental abilities, circulation and bones. However, frequently the composition of liquid products for the elderly does not look good. They contain a lot of sugar, alcohol and are not standardised. Sometimes it is difficult to establish what a specific preparation is supposed to help based on the composition. Liquid vitamin sets for seniors most often do not contain crucial ingredients that are missing from the diet of the elderly, while they are enriched with vitamins and minerals that should not be supplemented without first checking their levels in the body.

To sum up, instead of liquid vitamins for seniors, so-called tonics, it is better to choose dietary supplements that provide vitamin D, K, calcium, B12, omega-3 acids and adaptogens.

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