Bacopa monnieri

Bacopa is a small and at first glance very inconspicuous plant growing in compact and strongly branched groups. Bacopa monnieri occurs on a very large area from temperate to tropical forests, but its healing properties were appreciated very early only in Asia. Basically, Bakopa, as well as many other medicinal plants is widely recognized as a weed polluting rice fields. It likes water and wetlands, so it can often be found growing in roadside ditches and shallow ponds.

Bacopa, under the name Brahmi, is a frequently emerging herb in Ayurveda. Due to the large amount of saponins found in the leaves and stem of the plant, it was used in the treatment of ulcers, leprosy, cancerous tumors and all types of inflammation. Its action also cleans the blood vessels that carry the blood supplying the brain, which translates directly into the properties of bacopa to enhance memory and concentration.

Bacopa monnieri is recommended for everyone who wants to support the work of their brain, support mental processes, memory or just slightly refresh the brain, regularly burdened with stressful and long-lasting work. Bacopa monnieri is also a good alternative for people who for some reason cannot take preparations from ginkgo biloba, and want to support memory and cognitive processes and inhibit cell aging. Preparations containing leaf extract and herbaceous chamomes are also recommended for the purpose of general silencing of the body and alleviating hyperactivity.

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