Minerals are essential for the proper functioning of the body with diet components. Of the 46 compounds, up to 30 are elements, which means that our body is unable to synthesize them by itself. This obliges you to take minerals from food. It is important to provide the number of micronutrients and macronutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the body. The main division into micro and macro is related to the daily demand for individual components. In the case of macronutrients, the amount ensuring the proper functioning of the body is 100 mg. In the case of micronutrients, our body needs less than 100 mg of individual components. Among the most popular are calcium, potassium and magnesium. In a much smaller amount, it is necessary to take iron, zinc and iodine.Cells in the human body are built, among others from mineral salts, also consisting of hormones, body fluids, enzymes. They are responsible for the transfer of oxygen to the blood, water and electrolyte balance, or muscle excitability. Although minerals are supplied to the body with food, we are not sure that the body has received the necessary number of elements that allow it to function in a correct, balanced way. In order to ensure better care for health and well-being, it is recommended to use dietary supplements rich in minerals and vitamins, which further contributes to the overall functioning of our body, as well as individual organs or systems. In the case of this type of preparation, information is available on the amount of ingredients needed for normal functioning during the day, as well as the number of individual compounds or elements contained in the supplement. Easy to use, as well as for adoption, allows faster assimilation of ingredients.It should be remembered that dietary supplements are not an alternative way of providing the body with nutritional value or a different way of running a diet. Their main goal is to support daily activities related to nutrition, which is why they should be used as an addition, as well as to diversify and enrich the diet. Only in this way their functions are effective. Therefore, a balanced diet is the basis of physical and mental health. It is also worth purchasing the highest quality preparations that we know have the necessary certificates, although it is rare that the products available on the market are sold illegally.In the case of products purchased online, pay attention to the composition and manufacturer, which is a clear source of the information.Mineral ingredients are a general concept under which many elements are hidden which are the basic building blocks of our body, without which some of the functions may be disturbed, which causes deterioration of the health, various types of discomfort, and even malaise and lack of energy. Also, in the case of fatigue, loss of strength to action, problems with focus, or concentration and even sleep, it is recommended to regularly use dietary supplements in which minerals are contained.

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