Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris (Gokshur) is a plant widely distributed around the world, that is adapted to grow in dry climate locations in which few other plants can survive. This plant is used as a component of dietary supplements that enhance potency in men. The fame of this plant goes back to the old days when it was used, especially in Chinese medicine as a typical aphrodisiac. Then, its auxiliary properties in the field of supporting the general proper functioning of the body were discovered. Currently, it also works as a component of drugs or supplements that have sedative or diuretic properties.

By adding all the positive effects of this plant on the human body, Gokshur is an ingredient of many supplements, which are supposed to improve the body's health and well-being. It is used not only during supplementation to support the regeneration of internal organs, but also in problems with hair loss, troublesome skin, or brittle nails. Thanks to this universality, Tribulus Terrestris is a plant desirable in the daily diet of both women and men.

This plant is available in the form of supplement and is perfectly absorbable, in fact, it works great with other supplements, not interfering with them, on the contrary, strengthening their effects.

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