OstroVit Ubichinon Q10 100 30 capsOstroVit Ubichinon Q10 100 30 caps

OstroVit Ubichinon Q10 100 30 caps

Servings per container:
Net weight:
11 g
Dominant ingredient:
coenzyme Q10
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OstroVit Ubichinon Q10 100 30 caps
4,65 €

OstroVit Ubichinon Q10 100 mg 30 caps

OstroVit Ubichinon Q10 is a dietary supplement containing coenzyme Q10. This compound can exist in two forms - as ubiquinol (reduced form) and ubiquinone (oxidized form). Coenzyme Q10 is one of the most important antioxidants found in nature - it neutralizes excess free radicals and prevents damage to cellular DNA.

  • Limited edition of 60 capsules!
  • 100 mg of coenzyme in one capsule!
  • In the form of Ubiquinone

OstroVit Ubichinon - Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 Ubiquinone is present in every part of our body, specifically in the mitochondria, where energy is produced. The highest concentration of coenzyme q10 is shown by heart muscle cells. The human body is able to produce coenzyme Q10 - on its own - although not always in sufficient amounts. It was found that in the heart muscle its level in the case of older people is reduced by half in relation to the heart of young people. For this reason its supplementation is necessary after the age of 35.

Properties of the ingredients contained in OstroVit Ubichinon Q10:

  • One of the most important antioxidants in the human body
  • Takes an active part in energy production
  • May help reduce the reduced form of vitamin E
  • Prevents transepidermal water loss from the epidermis
  • Provides protection against harmful UVA and UVB radiation
  • Increases muscle efficiency and aerobic efficiency of the body
Suggested usage

Use one serving (1 capsule) daily, preferably after a meal. Drink with a glass of water.  

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose for consumption. Dietary supplement can not be used as a substitute (replacement) of a varied diet. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are recommended. Do not eat if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the product. The product should not be used by children, pregnant women and nursing mothers. Keep out of reach of small children.

Nutritional information


Soybean oil, ubiquinone (coenzyme Q10), emulsifier: soy lecithins; gelatin, humectant: glycerol; colour: red iron oxide; purified water.

The product may contain milk (including lactose), peanuts, other nuts, sesame seeds, cereals containing gluten, eggs, crustaceans, fish.

Nutrition Facts

Active ingredientsFor a portion
Coenzyme Q10  100 mg 
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