Nut Butter

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 Nut butter has been popular for a long time. Excellent as a snack, rich in nutrients, they are also an important element in the daily diet, especially among physically active people.

Nut butters are made from only natural ingredients, nut butter is ideal as an additive for salty and sweet products and provide energy, complement elementary ingredients that promote the proper development of muscle mass as well as other tissues and organs.

An excellent source of calories after intense workout. As an addition, even in combination with chocolate, it will reveal a completely new dimension of taste sensations. Universal and multifunctional product.

The high content of protein, fatty acids and minerals makes this product readily used by both gourmets and professional bodybuilders. Perfect for vegans and vegetarians due to the variety of health-important ingredients.

if you try nut butter for the first time, you will definitely enjoy the product. Nut butters are deprived of palm oil, salt, sugar, and is produced from various types of nuts: pistachios, peanuts, almonds, cashew nuts.

Nut butter is a product that will be loved by everyone. Even for those who are less physically active, it will become an obligatory product in the kitchen. It goes well with various types of pancakes, crepes or sandwiches or you can just eat it with a spoon straight from the jar and it will give you a brisk of energy.

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