Herbs & Extracts

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Herbs & Extracts is a line of products made from natural ingredients. High-quality plant extracts, produced on the basis of the latest technological solutions and available data, are a rich source of ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, building blocks and elements affecting the proper functioning of the systems, including the endocrine, nervous, immune and digestive systems. Herbs & Extracts Line is a series of dietary supplements for physically active people, whose demand for nutrients and other ingredients increases, as well as for people who want to enjoy good health and well-being.

The preparations are produced by means of various types of extracts. The traditional way of receiving, as in the case of vitanolids, saponins, bacosides is based on the DER coefficient, which specifies the amount of plant raw material necessary to obtain a certain amount of extract.

Herbs & Extracts Line are products created for the most demanding clients. Plant extracts with the care for quality and functionality were made, using the original formula. They are a source of important elements of a daily diet, whose intake affects the functioning of the whole body, improves mood, concentration, affects workout results, or provides the energy necessary for training and actions.

Products created on the basis of comprehensive formula, dedicated for improvement of individual systems and organs operation, depending on the client's needs.

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