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Wellness is a spiritual balance, harmony, awareness, through which the right decisions are made, in harmony with yourself, with nature, with your conviction or intuition. Balance between the body, mind and spirit contributes to full and happy life, raises satisfaction with its experiencing, strengthens the motivation for action, and also allows to set new goals, in the pursuit of which man shows wisdom and strength of character.

The term "wellness" is used in the context of alternative medicine, which is experiencing its boom and interest. More and more research devoted to the analysis of various types of natural products, whose comprehensive action and beneficial effects on the health and functioning of the body exceeds many of the pharmacological preparations.

 Fully natural and health-promoting elements known to people for thousands of years, again returned to favor, to become a source of vitamins, a medicine, the main component of dietary supplements, which allow to ensure the proper functioning of individual systems.

The nervous system, immune system, blood vessels, digestive systems and the rest are important elements of health and well-being. Both physically active people and everyone who wants to get a varied vitamins, minerals and nutrients, successfully use the dietary supplements available in the range of varied activity and purpose.

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