Amino acids

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Amino acids are the basic building blocks of proteins and peptides. The ingredient necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Amino acids are important in a healthy, balanced and full-value diet. Some of the amino acids, as we know, are not synthesized by the human body, so it is necessary to provide them in the easily assimilated form.

Dietary supplements, rich in both individual amino acids and complex mixtures, are a source of amino acids, which provides energy and allows to maintain the proper, optimal operation of individual systems and the whole body. Recommended in the daily diet, the purpose of its enrichment, and in particular, for physically active people. Amino acids participate in the regeneration of muscle tissue and metabolic processes, help to absorb other important components for the body. They also protect against catabolism.

Dietary supplements based on amino acid blends, in particular BCAA are popular preparations and often used by people who want to increase muscle endurance, increase energy levels and to get better results during training.

In addition, amino acids have a positive effect on the immune system or nerve connections, which translates into a level of concentration. The use of dietary supplements from the category of amino acids is the certainty that your muscles will receive the amount of amino acids necessary for the growth and regeneration, and the metabolic processes will be performed in the right way.

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