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 The most recognizable, most often associated with nutrients preparation - creatine is a supplement eagerly and commonly used by athletes who want to effectively build muscle mass, provide the necessary tissue building and a higher level of durability.

However, as a result of training, the amount of creatine produced in the body may be insufficient in relation to the demand for this ingredient. Therefore, it is recommended to use this supplement to provide the amount necessary for the proper functioning of individual systems and the proper development and growth of muscle mass.

Creatine is responsible for the reproduction of the high-energy adenosine triphosphate compound. It accelerates muscle regeneration after intensive training. A supplement that is used by both professionals and members of the recreational sport, or prophylactically undertaking various types of physical activities. Fully healthy for the body, it is the most popular source of energy. This is a universal anabolic.

In addition, creatine supports the glycogen resynthesis process that is a backup source of energy, which also translates into increased endurance of muscles and body during exercise, as well as the results achieved.

Creatine means increased resistance to fatigue, increased bone density, counteracts muscular atrophy, accelerated regeneration, reduced fatigue.

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