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NO-boosters (nitric oxide boosters) usually occur in the form of pre-workout supplements. The use of this type of preparations translates into a "pump feeling", which both improves the results when exercising in the physical sphere, as well as adds a kick and provides greater motivation for exercise.

The main task of NO-boosters is to increase the muscular circuit during exercise. The expansion of blood vessels in the muscles and improved blood flow enable faster transport of oxygen to muscle tissue.

Trainings will turn out to be more effective and the results will be amazing. Accelerated regeneration during and after training additionally motivates for further action, reduces the feeling of fatigue and reduces the risk of a catabolic collapse.

NO-boosters have an effect on metabolic processes. Enriched with carbohydrates or amino acids from the BCAA chain, vitamins or creatine, they help in the development of muscle mass. It is another must-have, eagerly used by professionals as well as normal people and those who are starting their adventure with strength training. They are often a source of motivation, energy for action and provide joy from the achieved effects. Due to the increase in strength, NO-boosters are used by people practicing both strength and endurance sports - long-distance running, cycling or swimming.

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