Vitamins & Minerals

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The comprehensive action of vitamins and minerals translates into the functioning of individual systems and the entire organism. The endocrine, digestive, circulatory and immunological systems depend on various types of vitamins and minerals supplied with food.

However, not all types of vitamins and minerals are obtained from the daily diet, some of these important elements are not synthesized by the human body, therefore it is necessary to provide them from the outside, in the form of supplements.

The shortage of these elementary components is associated with the lack of concentration, fatigue, susceptibility to stress and even reduced efficiency during exercise or lack of progress in training. Everyone who undertakes physical activity is exposed to the deficiency of individual vitamins or minerals, which also results in health problems or poor well-being. To avoid this, the daily use of dietary supplements created on the basis of vitamins and minerals provides a dose of energy needed for action, diversifies and enriches the diet, and also helps maintain good health and well-being.

The proper functioning of individual organs and systems is possible thanks to the appropriate ingredients. Both the transport of oxygen to tissues, as well as the proper work of the digestive system and metabolic processes are important elements during training on which the results of the exercises depend.

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