Leucine belongs to the group of exogenous amino acids, i.e. those that the human body is unable to produce itself. However, we supplement it everyday with nutritional products, such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy products and vegetables. Leucine is considered to be the basic and one of the most important amino acids that athletes and trainers should use in the gym, and that's because of its effect on the secretion of anabolic hormones.

Leucine is a supplement that contains a wider range of application than just helping to build a figure or helping to increase our strength and muscle mass. This amino acid affects even the mTOR kinase, which affects the synthesis of muscle proteins and increases the speed of this process. In addition, leucine stimulates the synthesis of proteins, which are a key element in adipose tissue, it fosters muscle anabolism and is an appropriate mean to burn fat tissue while maintaining the more important in this case muscle tissue.

The basic dose of leucine that should be taken by a normal person is preserved through daily nutrition. Fish or meat is a rich source of leucine, but with regular training at the gym or other such physical effort, you need to reach for appropriate supplements containing higher doses of the discussed amino acid. Otherwise, it will be difficult to provide proper protein synthesis in the body, which is a very important element in bodybuilding.

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