Shakers & Jugs

Shakers and water bottles are a must-have for every athlete. After all, the correct level of hydration is the basis for efficient training and effective physical exercise. From now on, you can always have everything you need with you!

Handy water bottles and comfortable shakers will work as companions for all activities, both at the gym, at home and outdoors.

Why is it worthc using our shakers and water bottles?

Shakers and water bottles in our offer are handy products made of high quality plastic, which is completely safe in contact with food. They are also very durable - even if you use them every day, they will serve you for a long time and a lot of workouts.

OstroVit shakers and water bottles are also distinguished by an interesting, eye-catching design. In addition, they come in many color variants, which is why everyone can find a product that will perfectly suit the athlete's taste.

What is equally important in the case of water bottles and shakers, the products we offer have a tight closure - so you do not have to worry during transport or during training at the gym, you will not lose a drop of valuable liquid.

The products are also distinguished by different capacities - for some, 450 ml of liquid is enough (especially during short physical efforts), others have greater needs - for such people there are also water bottles with a capacity of 600 ml or 700 ml shakers, and even 1890 ml Water Jug! Equally important, there is a measuring cup on both water bottles and shakers, which can help you measure the right amount of liquid and prepare a delicious drink.

An interesting convenience, especially when preparing protein supplements, is a special strainer placed in shakers, thanks to which you can easily crush lumps of the powder supplement and enjoy the smooth consistency of the conditioner. It is enough that after adding the supplement to the liquid several times, you shake the bottle vigorously.

Another convenience included in premium shakers are containers for dietary supplements, the so-called pillbox. With such a product you do not have to worry that you will forget to take the conditioner to the gym or that it will disappear in the depths of your training bag. Simply place the supplement in the container built into the water bottle and prepare a delicious shake at the right time!

Shakers and water bottles - how to use?

Shakers are products, which will work primarily for the preparation of protein supplements and protein drinks. Thanks to a special sieve, they can easily cope with lumps of dietary supplements, grind them and contribute to the formation of a smooth liquid consistency.

Water bottles can be containers for storing cold liquids - both ordinary water and isotonic drinks or lemonade. Thanks to the convenient mouthpiece attached to the bottle, you can quench your thirst quickly and easily. The handy size can make the water bottle fit both in your bag and in the bike holder.

It is also important that both shakers and water bottles are products, which are easy to clean. After drinking the drink, you can easily wash the containers and prepare the next mixtures for the next workouts.

Shakers and water bottles - for whom?

Our shakers and water bottles are recommended to all physically active people who want to improve the quality of training.

Even a slight lack of fluid in the body can contribute to the deterioration of training performance and reduce the effectiveness of exercises. To prevent this, it is worth regularly replenishing fluids in the body, and no product will facilitate this task more than shakers and water bottles.

Therefore, whether you are doing heavy strength exercises, cycling, running or maybe practicing Pilates, shakers and water bottles will make it easier for you to do your daily activities.

Plastic bottles are a thing of the past. It is time for a new dimension of support in the form of functional water bottles and shakers.

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