Shakers & Jugs

Do you like to give your all and you think a day without training is a lost day? Along with this, do you ensure that your body always receives the best? Provide adequate hydration during the training and always have your favorite supplements with you - comfortable shakers and jugs will make sure that all you need is always with you.

Shakers and jugs are inseparable accessory of every athlete. Nutrient intake before or after training often requires equipment - a modern shaker that provides a smooth texture of the supplement, preventing leaking, is the best choice. In the case of people who like to actively spend time outdoors, bottles will be a perfect solution - they will transport water, an isotonic drink or nutrients with them, knowing that even a drop will not be lost. Our shakers and jugs are characterized by interesting, eye-catching design and are made of excellent quality materials safe to the body. Importantly, they are also very durable - even if you use them every day, they will be with you for more than hundreds of workouts.

We recommend shakers and jugs to all physically active people. Forget about plastic bottles with water or manual preparation of supplements - thanks to our shakers and jugs, the quality of your workouts will increase even more.

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