Arginine is an endogenous amino acid, which our body is able synthesize by itself from nutrients and proteins. In addition, it performs many functions in our body. First of all, arginine is necessary for the production of creatine, which is necessary for supplying energy to the muscles and prevent their atrophy. Secondly, it is extremely necessary for young people to support their development generally and thirdly, people suffering from kidneys or liver diseases also need the action of this supplement.

Arginine is most commonly used by athletes because it produces nitric oxide by means of synthesis. The best-known function of this supplement, however, is the secretion and stimulation of growth hormone, which makes it ideal for supporting our workouts. Arginine will help your muscles become less vulnerable to injuries and fatigue and will make the muscles much more durable.

Arginine is also a product that is used for specific diseases. It is proven by various tests that it helps in the treatment of hypertension or even diabetes. It is often recommended for the treatment of diseases of the blood vessels and heart, such as high blood pressure, heart failure, chest pain or coronary heart disease. It is even used as a drug during erectile dysfunction in men, although in this case its action will be visible only in minor ailments.

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