Melatonin is a hormone that affects the proper regulation of sleep and concentration. The average person should sleep continuously from 6 to 8 hours a day. Melatonin acts as a clock and decides when we feel tired and need for sleep. One of the first symptoms of shortages of melatonin is sleepiness during the day and insomnia at night. Sleep problems are very dangerous to the body, because they contribute to depression, obesity, and in extreme cases to a heart attack. Our organism produces the most of melatonin at night, as much as 80%. Problems falling asleep often caused by strong emotions or some medications. Deficiency often affects young people, which may make their condition worse.

Melatonin also has other beneficial properties for the body. Among other things, it lowers blood pressure, improves heart function and can protect from cancer. There is a possibility of melatonin overdose, but this is very rare. Overdose may cause headaches, nightmares and mild depression. Symptoms are not disturbing and dangerous to health. In comparison with the advantages of taking it regularly, they are really small and unnoticeable.

Many people suffering from melatonin deficiencies resort to sleeping pills, which do not improve the comfort of sleep. There are many melatonin products available on the market, but it is better to reach the approved supplements with the best composition. It does not cause addiction, so it can be used for a long time. It is best to take it one hour before sleep.

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