Gainers are sports nutrition, used to increase muscle mass. People who perform a lot of strength trainings and want to be able to enjoy their muscular body, must provide the it with a higher dose of calories. In cases when there is no time to prepare large meals, the gainer will be a perfect solution.

The main components of gainers are proteins and carbohydrates. The former take a significant part in muscle building, while the second component is responsible for the increase of calories, which should be taken into account in the process of muscle mass building. Specially prepared gainers for athletes are characterized by a good absorption time, which provides body's cells with nutrients for a long time after consuming.

The gainers for athletes also include a number of vitamins and minerals that support the construction and regeneration of muscles, as well as complement the energy deficiencies during training. Many minerals are conducive to maintaining good health condition and provide increased resistance to infections.

Gainers are designed mainly for athletes who want to increase in muscle mass. Nutrients are best used immediately after intensive training. Some sportsmen also treat gainers as a complement to meals at work or during trips.

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