Carbo is nothing more than carbohydrates, which are a great boost of energy. Carbo supplements used by physically active people and athletes of various disciplines improve efficiency during exercise and accelerate regeneration after training.

Carbo - what is it?

The basic ingredient of carbo supplements are carbohydrates, or more precisely, it is a mixture of slow-, medium- and fast-release carbohydrates.

Some supplements also contain nutrients that strengthen the body, such as vitamins or minerals.

How does carbo work?

During exercise, the body draws strength from stored glycogen stores. However, intensive exercise gradually depletes this glycogen, which eventually runs out, leaving the athlete without a source of energy.

Carbo supplements provide immediate relief by supplying the body with carbohydrates and thus the necessary energy.

The role of carbohydrates

Carbo supplement is a carbohydrate supplement, so it is worth knowing that carbohydrates are a macronutrient necessary for the proper functioning of the entire system.

Carbohydrates in the body have many functions, including:

  • are responsible for building muscle mass,
  • control insulin levels,
  • they are a great, easily digestible source of energy,
  • protect proteins against breakdown,
  • facilitate fat burning,
  • and their adequate supply in the diet promotes the absorption of calcium.

Carbo - effect on the body

Carbo nutrients are an immediate energy injection and eliminate the feeling of fatigue, thanks to which the body receives the necessary strength for further exercise.

In addition, carbo improves efficiency and endurance, so it affects the lengthening and increasing the intensity of physical exertion, which allows you to achieve better sports results.

The dietary supplement also has a positive effect on regeneration after training. It replenishes muscle glycogen stores and thus accelerates the course of reconstruction and repair of damaged tissues.

Carbo dietary supplement is also an excellent choice when you need to supplement the calorie deficiency in the process of increasing muscle mass.

When to use carbo supplements?

The duration of admission depends on the goals of the athlete and his expectations, so it should be adapted to the individual preferences of the exerciser. So there is no definite answer as to when it is best to take carbo supplements.

Before exercise

Taking carbo supplements before exercise provides a boost of energy to carry out the entire training session. As a result, the body gets tired slower, which means that the activity may last longer.

When deciding on this form of supplementation, remember to take the supplement about half an hour before starting exercise.

During training

During intense, very tiring workouts, it is worth considering taking the supplement during exercise. Thanks to this, the decreasing glycogen stores are replenished on an ongoing basis, which protects against a sudden decrease in strength and allows you to maintain the intensity of the activities performed.

After exercise

Most often, however, carbo supplements are used after the end of physical activity. This allows you to provide the body with all the missing ingredients, i.a. replenishment of glycogen stores. In addition, taking the supplement after training accelerates regeneration and protects us against catabolism. After exercise it is recommended to use quick-release preparations.

Which carbo should you choose?

Carbo supplement should be a mixture of ingredients that support the body's work during physical exercise and facilitate the regeneration of the entire system after training. The best supplement is tailored to the individual needs of the athlete.

If you intend to take carbo before exercise - choose a supplement rich in long-release carbohydrates. If, on the other hand, you plan to supplement the macronutrient during exercise or right after its completion - choose a fast-release carbo.

A good supplement should also bring additional substances to the diet that strengthen the whole body. Therefore, it is worth reaching for carbo enriched with vitamins and minerals. The most popular microelement that enriches carbohydrate supplements are B vitamins, which support the work of the nervous system and stimulate cerebro-muscle connections. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the losses that occurred during the training will be replenished immediately after its completion.

Carbo supplements - who are they for?

Carbo supplement is intended for athletes, both beginners and professionals practicing various disciplines. A regularly taken dietary supplement supports the construction of an ideal figure and improvement of sports results. The right portion of carbohydrates in the life of an athlete improves regenerative processes and has a positive effect on efficiency during exercise.

When, despite a balanced diet, there are deficiencies of carbohydrates in your menu, dietary supplements such as carbo come to the rescue.

With carbo supplements should be careful people who care about weight reduction. The use of carbo can disrupt a rigorous diet, providing the body with excessive amounts of carbohydrates. Too much supply of the macronutrient will cause it to accumulate in the form of adipose tissue. Therefore, when deciding on a carbo during the reduction, you should be careful not to cause the opposite effects than intended.

The right amount of carbo

Always read the manufacturer's recommendations placed on the packaging or leaflet so as not to exceed the recommended portions of the preparation.

The appropriate daily portion of the supplement depends on the individual needs of the athlete, his body weight and the time of taking the supplement.

Theoretically, it is recommended to take between 30 g and 50 g of mixture both before and after training. If you intend to use carbo during exercise, the recommended dose of the supplement is slightly smaller.

Remember that carbohydrates taken in the form of a nutrient should also be added to the daily balance of macronutrients. This will protect you from consuming too large portions of the product and thus from the deposition of body fat in the body.

Careful use of a dietary supplement will not ruin your achievements so far, on the contrary - it will help you build muscle mass and a perfect figure.

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