The task of carbo supplements is to provide the body with carbohydrates with longer or shorter absorption time. It is aimed at accelerating post-workout regeneration and supplementing calorie deficiencies in the process of increasing muscle mass.

Although carbohydrates are the main carbohydrate component, most nutrients also contain valuable vitamins and minerals. They work to improve recovery and accelerate muscle growth. They increase endurance, improve efficiency, add energy and take care of the athlete's resistance. Thanks to them, the body is able to function properly even during periods of increased physical activity. The lack of these components could lead to serious deficiencies related to deterioration of health сcondition and shape.

Carbo is a good solution for strength and endurance athletes. Nutrients are especially recommended for people who want to increase muscle mass faster. They also work well with runners for whom this supplement is a perfect complement to energy.

Carbo is taken in individual doses. It all depends on the intensity and frequency of physical effort, as well as the goal set by the athlete. The products can be accepted in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, available on the packaging.

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