Food and nutrition can have a big impact not only on health and well-being, but also on achieving your dream figure. A properly balanced diet is, next to regular physical activity, a key element of body shaping.

Choosing healthy and valuable food products, rich in valuable minerals and vitamins and containing a beneficial balance of macronutrients, can support the proper functioning of the whole body and contribute to the improvement of its functioning.

In our offer you will find only high-quality products, which are also distinguished by an interesting composition and unique taste. These are articles, which can help you balance your menu every day and will not undo your previous achievements at the gym.

Food and diet products - definition

Focusing on food and proper nutrition, it is also worth knowing the definitions of foodstuffs, both commonly available and dietary.

Focusing on food and proper nutrition, it is also worth knowing the definitions of foodstuffs, both commonly available and dietary.

Dietetic foods, on the other hand, are food, which is intended to meet a specific nutritional purpose and due to their specific composition or manufacturing process, differ from foods intended for general consumption.

So when is it worth reaching for dietary products?

Dietary food - for whom?

Dietary products are a good choice for people who care about a healthy lifestyle. These are articles for those who are not indifferent to what they put in their mouths - what counts is not the quick satisfaction of hunger, but the right balance of macro- and micronutrients, which will provide a dose of energy for longer .

Food from the fit category will also work among athletes and people who want to achieve an impeccable figure - meals in a group of physically active should enable proper functioning, provide energy necessary for action and support regenerative processes after exercise. In addition, among people who care about their appearance and health, the energy value of meals is also important - to achieve the intended goals, especially during weight reduction, it is worth choosing low-energy products, which can be substitutes for classic foods and at the same time can be distinguished by a better composition.

Dietary food is also often used by people suffering from various diseases, ailments and disease entities - e.g. low-energy products usually do not have added sugar, and thus can be consumed by diabetics or people with insulin resistance. They can also work among people with excessive body weight. Dietary foods often do not contain gluten added and thus can be chosen by people suffering from celiac disease or intolerance to this ingredient.

Food in our offer

In our offer you will find many diverse and fantastic products. So you will definitely choose something that will satisfy your taste buds.

Maybe you want delicious nut creams made of high quality peanuts without the addition of salt, sugar and palm oil, which are great as an addition to pancakes, porridge or cocktail?

Or maybe you have an appetite for a sweet and valuable snack? High-protein bars available in our assortment will allow you a moment of blissful pleasure and at the same time provide your menu with a solid dose of protein, which will support you, i.a. in building muscle mass.

Pasta and rice made from the root of the konjac plant will provide you with a feeling of satiety and at the same time will not bring unnecessary calories to your body and will be great as a base for many dishes, both salty and sweet. In turn, ready-made OstroVit dishes will solve your eternal problem entitled "What's for dinner today?", satisfy your hunger and provide valuable nutrients to your diet.

Spray oils will help you control the amount of fat used in your daily diet, while superfoods, such as spirulina or chlorella, will provide your body with a wealth of valuable compounds and ingredients. In turn, ertitritol or maltitol syrup will provide you with a feeling of sweetness without unnecessary calories, perfectly replacing commonly used sugar.

Healthy food = tasteless diet?

A valuable and properly balanced diet does not have to be boring!

Paying attention to our assortment, you can conclude that the choice of nutritional and dietary products is really large.

Therefore, taking care of a healthy lifestyle or impeccable figure, diversify your meals and dishes, introducing new food products to your daily menu, which will provide your diet not only with valuable ingredients, but also provide you with an unforgettable taste experience.

Because fit food can also be delicious!

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