Hormone boosters

Hormone boosters are dietary supplements that can enhance the effects of hormones. The boosters most commonly used by athletes are testosterone booster and growth hormone booster.

Their action is to increase the level of the hormone, which can positively affect the building of muscle mass and regeneration of the body after physical exercise.

Hormone booster is a preparation that is often used by physically active people, both beginner exercise lovers and professional athletes.

What is a hormone booster?

A hormone booster is nothing more than a dietary supplement that enhances the effects of hormones. It can contribute to the development of lean muscle mass, as well as faster regeneration of the body and obtaining the desired training effects.

Most often on the market you can find testosterone boosters or growth hormone boosters.

Testosterone booster

Testosterone boosters are popular preparations that can stimulate an increase in testosterone concentration in the body.

Testosterone is particularly important for the development of muscle mass - it can have an anabolic effect and enable muscle growth. However, the hormone can also affect endurance and fitness during physical exertion, libido and fertility among men, as well as improving concentration.

Growth hormone booster

Growth hormone boosters are another popular dietary supplement that can support the production of somatotropin, i.e. growth hormone.

It is a desirable hormone, especially among athletes, because it can promote the development of lean muscle mass, as well as support the regeneration of the body after physical exercise. At the same time, the growth hormone booster can affect the optimization of sleep and improve its quality, as well as the improvement of the condition of the skin and hair.

How does a hormone booster work?

The hormone booster can have a stimulating effect and provide the body with more energy. At the same time, the dietary supplement can accelerate the regeneration of the body after physical exercise and reduce the level of fatigue.

The booster can also enhance anabolic processes and contribute to increasing strength and endurance. In addition, hormone boosters can support the building of muscle mass and reduction of body fat. Some of them can also positively affect cognitive abilities and raise libido.

Hormone booster - composition

Hormone boosters often include compounds and nutrients such as:

  • D-aspartic acid (DAA) , which may contribute to the release of the hormone FSH, LH and also growth hormone. DAA can also mitigate the limitation of the rate of testosterone synthesis,
  • Vitamin B6 - a component that can affect the acceleration of the body's regeneration,
  • Zinc - an element helpful in the proper functioning of the system, which can also have a positive effect on libido,
  • L-lysine , which can be a building block of proteins and participate in the formation of muscle tissue,
  • L-citrulline and L-arginine, which can stimulate the synthesis of nitric oxide and improve muscle blood supply,
  • fenugreek and ground mace, which can participate, i.a. in the synthesis of testosterone;.

When to take a hormone booster?

A booster of the hormone can be distinguished:

  • pre-workout,
  • post-workout.

The exact time of taking the supplement depends on the manufacturer and the chosen preparation.

Commonly, testosterone booster and growth hormone booster are used in the evening.

Hormone booster - for whom?

Hormone booster is recommended especially for active physically people, who want to optimize training and maximize the effects of effort.

Hormone boosters can be used by both men and women. At the same time, these preparations will work both among beginners lovers of an active lifestyle, as well as among professional athletes.

Is it safe to use a hormone booster?

Hormone booster is a dietetary supplement, which is safe.

By following the manufacturer's recommendations and taking the appropriate portions of the preparation, you should not be afraid of any side effects.

Only if the recommended doses of products are exceeded, undesirable symptoms may occur, incl. chest tightness or excessive sweating.

It is also worth remembering that a hormone booster is not the same as a steroid, and taking it is completely legal.

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