Digestion is the basic function of our body when your body assimilates simpler compounds that undergo the process of nutrients decomposition. Then it uses them in metabolism as a source of energy.  

Human and any other digestion is, on the purely biological side, a small and logical cause and effect sequence. Everything begins from the moment we chew food. The first digestive enzyme begins to speak - salivary amylase, or simply saliva. After swallowing food, it travels along a straight path, through the throat and esophagus, up to the stomach. There, slowly, our saliva loses its voice, and this is due to the mixing of food with gastric juice, which contains a high concentration of hydrochloric acid. In the stomach, proteins are digested, and fats are involved in the emulsification process. All that is left meets with the small intestine - and all its part is transferred to the duodenum, into which bile is also secreted, along with bile salts. Intestinal juice and pancreatic juice reach the intestine, which neutralizes the acidic part of the food from the stomach, in order to activate the action of further enzymes, among others trypsin, pancreatic amylase and chymotrypsin. Fatty acids are formed as a result of digesting fats. The small intestine absorbs small-molecule compounds that are derived from hydrolysis, and bacterial digestion also has its place here. In the colon, water and some vitamins are being absorbed. The rest of undigested food goes towards the anus, where it is emptying out by us in the form of feces.  

The simplest way that immediately imposes on us is simply to eat properly. It is worth noting that it is better to eat more often and less. So, what can you eat so that our body has a simpler task in this complicated process of digestion? You can recall fruits on the wallpaper, it is often advisable to eat pineapple and papaya, because they have a good effect on digestive enzymes. A good element of our diet can be various types of silage, such as cucumbers or cabbage, which are considered to be an excellent natural probiotic (which are also recommended when digesting meals). Subsequent "patents" are also simple, usually they can be considered as everyday activities of the case. After the dinner it’s better to just walk around the park and practicing sports that is good not only for general health but also promote better digestion. Sometimes it will help you lose a few pounds. The obvious points that help themselves are the refusal of smoking or the great restriction on the use of alcohol. The obvious points that help themselves are quitting smoking or a large restriction in drinking alcohol. Maybe for someone it is less obvious, but stress will be equally important. Its participation never causes positive experiences, and it definitely will not help us in digestion. These are just a few short proposals that can be summarized in general - live a healthier life and do not get stressed. The mass of smaller and less frequently mentioned elements will have an impact on the improvement of its nutrient distribution process.

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