Under the abbreviation ZMA, there are combined nutrients in the form of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6. Zinc and magnesium, or the basic elements of the ZMA dietary supplement have a significant impact on the proper functioning of the body. Thanks to their delivery, the electrolyte balance in the body is improved. Zinc and magnesium also strengthen the bones, teeth and have a positive effect on the proper functioning of the muscular and nervous systems.

These elements are also helpful in fighting fatigue and improve the quality of sleep and regeneration. The components of ZMA also have proven their effect on stress reduction. Zinc additionally helps maintain normal levels of testosterone and insulin, and positively influences the condition of hair and nails. Zinc also helps to improve eyesight. Deficiencies in these elements may result in fatigue, stress or even the development of diseases such as hypertension or diabetes.

Both zinc and magnesium are found in nature in quite large doses, and can be found, inter alia, in vegetables, legume seeds, dark bread, or seafood. The problem, however, can sometimes be in the absorption of these elements by the human body. That is why ZMA supplement also contains vitamin B6, which supports the absorption of zinc and magnesium, thus significantly increasing their efficiency and benefits for the body.

ZMA dietary supplement is certainly an element of daily nutrition, which is worth considering if you want to provide the body with the necessary ingredients to support its proper functioning.

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