Dextrose is a glucose isomer, often called D-glucose or grape sugar. This substance belongs to monosaccharides, has a high glycemic index and is able to pass through the digestive system very quickly. It is used as a nutrient for athletes, because it can very quickly provide the body with energy for physical effort. It is connected with the improvement of sport achievements, more efficient and more intense workouts.

Dextrose very quickly raises the level of sugar in the blood, stimulating the pancreas to secrete insulin, which reduces this level. Insulin accumulates dextrose and, along with creatine and amino acids, delivers it to the cells that need it most.

Dextrose is not only a great fuel for action before exercise, but also a way to supplement glycogen after training. Intense exercise leads to the breakdown of muscle fibers, which need adequate nutrients for regeneration. If we are unable to take a meal within an hour after training, we can replace it with a dextrose supplement.

Dextrose is mainly intended for athletes exercising strength and endurance. It should be taken in accordance with the instructions given on the packaging, because an excessive quantity can contribute to the formation of unnecessary body fat.

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