Arginine Ornithine Lysine

AOL - Arginine, Ornithine and Lysine: Arginine is an endogenous amino acid, and this means that the body can synthesize it by itself from nutrients and proteins. In a simple classification arginine will be an endogenous compound, however it has a lot of positive functions. Arginine is needed for the production of creatine, which is the basic element of muscle energy and prevents their atrophy.

Ornithine works similarly to arginine and is obtained from it. An additional use of ornithine can be its use in diseases that are usually related to nutrition.

Lysine is the only amino acid that the human body is unable to synthesize by itself and must be supplied from the outside. Lysine is actively involved in the creation of intercellular substance - cartilage, bone and connective tissue, and promotes muscle growth. All three products, however, act as growth hormone releasing supplements and they complement each other.

The use of arginine, ornithine and lysine is one of the natural ways to increase the level of growth hormone, the use of which has a positive effect on our trainings, especially when we have deficiency of this hormone in our body. Growth hormone lowers fat levels, and this promotes an increase in muscle protein. As a result, by taking human growth hormone, we can rapidly improve our muscle figure and strength. The combination of these three supplements will perfectly allow us to achieve the desired results and increase the efficiency of our daily efforts.

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