Eye Health

All of us who work in front of the computer or spend a lot of time in front of the TV screen know well what it means to feel burning or eye strain. According to the available data, up to 20% of all people who seek advice to the ophthalmologist suffer from dry eye syndrome, which results from the changed composition of tear fluid and its reduced production. So how to provide a healthy condition of the eyes all the time and get rid of the burning and tiredness? The basis is a proper diet, consisting of several important substances that should be regularly delivered to the body.

The eyesight is controlled by the autonomic nervous system, the action of which can be disturbed by various factors, such as thyroid disease, diabetes, neurological diseases, external factors, the type of work performed, prolonged stay in air-conditioned rooms, wearing contact lenses or glasses, smoking, medications, sex and age,  since older women are more exposed to irritation. At the same time, the amount of tear fluid is gradually reduced with age, regardless of gender, and its less production in the evenings is also observed.

For the sake of a healthy eye, the fundamental principle is to follow a healthy and balanced diet. Properly balanced meals are not only the key to success in the fight for healthy eyes but for the health of the whole body. Omega 3, 6 and 9 are extremely important in the diet of every human being. They affect mainly the cardiovascular system and probably everyone knows about it. Not everyone, however, realizes that omega acids also help to support the eyes, responsible for their proper hydration. Omega 3 acids can be found in marine fish, walnuts, almonds or linseed oil and peanut oil. In turn, omega-6 acids will be in the oil of primrose and rapeseed oil, and omega-9 - in green vegetables such as broccoli, spinach or green peas.

Other important for healthy eyes are dietary ingredients: lutein and zeaxanthin. Their too small amount in the body affects the formation of degeneration within the macula, which directly translates into problems with visual acuity or color discrimination. To avoid these disorders, it is worth introducing or increasing the share of products such as broccoli, brussels sprouts, parsley or peppers in your diet.

Most commonly, vitamin A is considered to be responsible for eyesight. Its constant supplementation avoids the aforementioned degenerations in the area of ​​the macula, but it also acts as a preventive measure in the case of blindness or cataracts. To deliver it to the body, just eat carrots, tomatoes, fish oil and Brussels sprouts.

If you want to interact comprehensively with the organ of sight, it is worth thinking about supplying the body with vitamin B2, B6 and vitamins C, E and zinc. This group of vitamins prevents damage to the optic nerve, protects against chronic eye fatigue and is responsible for moisturizing the eyeball.

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