Creams are the quintessence of sweetness usually enclosed in a neat jar. Unfortunately, creams commonly available on store shelves do not belong to healthy food, and their consumption can contribute to the occurrence of many negative health consequences.

Fortunately, there are also creams, which are a reasonable alternative, those that are worth reaching for Such products include OstroVit Creametto!

Do we have to persuade you to try this sweet delicacy?

Why is it worth reaching for OstroVit Creametto creams?

What distinguishes Creametto creams from other products of this type?

Much better composition! Our creams contain healthy vegetable fats and valuable carbohydrates, and the sweetener used in the product is a natural sweetener, belonging to the group of polyols - maltitol.

Thanks to the use of a low-energy sweetener, the product can be distinguished by a lower calorific value than traditional pastes with the addition of sucrose. In addition, creams from the Creametto series are products with a low glycemic index!

Yes, yes...

Our creams do not contain added sugar or palm oil!

This is an excellent proposition for lovers of sweets who want to satisfy the desire for a little something, without giving up a healthy and balanced diet.

In addition to the composition, creams from the Creametto series can also be distinguished by a delicious aroma. It is a sweet, melt-in-the-mouth pleasure, which is irresistible.

Cremes - for whom?

Our creams can perfectly satisfy the need for sweetness among people who are not indifferent to a healthy lifestyle.

Products from the Creametto series can work, i.a. as an addition to dishes among athletes, as a sweet moment of pleasure among diabetics or as a supplement to the menu among people on a gluten-free diet.

In turn, Creametto Vege version can also work among supporters of plant-based diets, both vegetarian and vegan.

How to use creams from our offer?

There is also the question of what Creametto creams can be used for?

Well... the only limit is your imagination!

Use our creams as an addition to pancakes or porridge. As a sweet paste for bread, or as a complement to various types of cakes and desserts.

Creametto can also taste delicious eaten with a spoon straight from the jar, but remember, moderation is the most important thing!

Flavor variants

In our offer you will find many interesting and tasty creams in various flavors. Starting from the classic chocolate paste, through the coconut version with the addition of desiccated coconut, to the milky-nutty duo cream!

There is something for everyone. Or maybe you will love all the available flavors?

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