Post-workout / Regeneration

Post-workout / regeneration supplements are a very important part of every athlete's diet. Their task is to maximize the so-called anabolic window (takes about 90-120 minutes) and provide the body with everything that it needs. This translates into faster muscle growth. They also support post-workout processes. The most commonly used for their production are whey protein, carbohydrates, BCAAs, creatine and antioxidants. Often you can also find electrolytes and plant extracts in them. They contain such antioxidants as Beta-alanine or vitamin C, which reduce oxidative stress. Their group includes all dietary supplements and nutrients that can be taken after training.

In the tired from physical effort body there are many reactions hindering the building of muscle mass, so it is worth using post-workout supplementation. It also happens that they have to mute the body after intense exercise.

What is the role of supplementation after each workout?

These types of supplements improve regenerative processes. So-called post-workout supplements fill up nutrient deficiencies in the diet. Lack of a valuable meal after training and giving up adequate supplementation will unfortunately result in severe catabolic reactions which will hinder the growth of muscle tissue. It should be remembered that diet combined with supplementation maximizes anabolism.

What are the goals of post-workout supplementation?

The intensive anabolism implies ensuring the consumption of fast proteins, essential for muscle growth. They inhibit catabolism and atrophy of muscle fibers. Anabolism replenishes glycogen, that is, it provides the body with the necessary dose of carbohydrates and this increases insulin production. Insulin is a powerful anabolic with simultaneous anti-catabolic properties. It inhibits harmful catabolic reactions.

Is it worth using this type of supplementation?

People who use this type of supplementation are usually very satisfied with the results. They have better performance, regenerate faster and their muscles are less sore.

Nutrients of this type are safe for the human body and especially recommended for people who work intensively and additionally involve workouts into their daily plan. This will work much better than the pre-workout body stimulation. Sportsmen should not force their bodies to work beyond the capacity. Post-workout supplements are also intended for runners who need regeneration after an intense effort. Many people forget that they are not only products reserved for bodybuilders and professionals. Runners also get overstrained during training, so it's worth to support the body with proper supplementation.

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