Post-workout / Regeneration

Post-workouts are regenerative supplements, which should be part of the diet of every athlete.

During physical exertion, catabolic reactions may intensify and glycogen stores and muscle fatigue may be depleted. The task of post-workout nutrients is to minimize harmful processes and intensify anabolic reactions. At the same time, post-workouts can have a positive effect on the regeneration of the body and shorten its duration.

What is a post-workout?

Post-workout preparations, also called post-workout preparations, are dietary supplements that, as the name suggests, are used after physical exercise.

These are usually energy and building substances, which can allow, in a quick and easy way, to replenish the body's resources.

Post-workouts can use so-called anabolic window and provide the body with valuable nutrients, which it effectively uses within about two hours from the end of training.

The role of post-workouts

During intense physical exertion many unfavorable processes may occur in the body - during exercise, glycogen stores may be depleted and after training catabolic processes may intensify, which can lead to the breakdown of muscle proteins.

After physical activity, a negative nitrogen balance can also be observed, which makes the amount of destroyed muscle proteins greater than the amount of newly produced. This, in turn, can lead to inhibition of anabolic processes that can affect the growth of muscle mass.

To stop catabolic reactions after physical exertion, it is necessary to provide the body with valuable nutrients that can, i.a. replenish glycogen stores in the muscles and liver. To promote the increase in muscle mass, anabolic processes should be maintained at a sufficiently high level. Therefore, it is worth using post-workout nutrients, which can maximize the effectiveness of the anabolic window, as well as positively affect the rate of regeneration of the body after intense physical exercise.

Post-workouts can supplement energy and building substrates in the body, intensify regenerative processes and increase anabolism, which in a way can increase the strength, endurance and efficiency of the body.

Why is it worth using post-workouts supplements?

Post-workouts can have a positive effect on the development of muscle mass and body shaping, because they can.:

  • nourish muscles,
  • intensify anabolic processes,
  • enhance regeneration and shorten its duration,
  • reduce catabolic reactions and counteract the degradation of muscle fibers,
  • fasten readiness for the next workout,
  • replenish glycogen and valuable nutrient stores.

What do post-workouts consist of?

Post-workout supplements consist primarily of amino acids, but carbohydrates, electrolytes, valuable vitamins and minerals may also be present in the preparations.

  • Amino acids and proteins - their task is primarily to restore protein structures after physical exertion. Post-workout may include extremely valuable branched chain amino acids BCAA, as well as glutamine, EAA amino acids or beta-alanine, or proteins such as creatine, whey protein.
  • Vitamins and minerals - used in post-workout supplements to supplement losses during physical activity, as well as to combat free radicals and reduce oxidative stress. In post-workouts you can find i.a. vitamin C, B vitamins, sodium, potassium, magnesium.
  • Carbohydrates - which task is to supplement energy losses and provide the body with a source of energy, necessary, i.a. for the proper course of regenerative processes. An appropriate portion of carbohydrates can increase the secretion of insulin, which is a strong anabolic and has anti-catabolic effects.

Post-workouts - for whom are they especially recommended?

The use of post-workout supplements can be considered by all people who undertake regular physical exercise. These substances are recommended both for people who care about the development of muscle mass and those who work on shaping the figure.

With reduction proceedings, during intense workouts and strict diets, muscles are very easily subjected to catabolic processes. Then they may disintegrate. To counteract this phenomenon, it is worth using post-workout after physical exertion, which can minimize adverse processes in the body and intensify anabolic reactions.

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