Night Protein

Night protein is a way of supplementation, which can protect muscles from breakdown and at the same time promote their regeneration and repair of microdamages. It may be especially important in the context of people who exercise late in the morning.

Protein used at night can also help people on reduction, limiting the desire to snack and providing a feeling of satiety for a long time.

Why is sleep important?

Sleep is extremely important for the regeneration of the body and maintaining its proper functioning during the day.

Inadequate length and quality of sleep can adversely affect the work of the entire system, contributing to

  • to increase the secretion of the stress hormone, i.e. cortisol, which may intensify catabolic processes,
  • to reduced production of hormones important for the body's work, i.a. somatotropin, which may be responsible for the increase in muscle mass and reconstruction of damaged tissues.

During sleep, the body can not only regenerate strength, but also repair any microdamages and injuries. In addition, it is during the night's rest when the muscles can grow.

Is it worth using night protein?

For the regeneration of muscles and the whole body valuable nutrients are needed, which must be supplied to the body along with the daily diet, also with the last meal eaten in the evening. One of such components is protein.

Some people are concerned that protein consumed before bedtime may contribute to an increase in body fat. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

A portion of high-quality protein supplement delivered to the body in the evening can positively affect the synthesis of muscle proteins and the whole body, accelerating muscle growth and maintaining metabolism at a high level. In addition, protein for the night can provide a feeling of satiety and reduce appetite, and thus can reduce night snacking and support the process of slimming and body shaping.

During sleep, the breakdown of muscle proteins may exceed their synthesis. However, if the right portion of protein is delivered to the body at night, catabolic processes can be slowed down.

Especially important may be intake of protein at night among athletes who do an intense workout in the evening.

Which night protein to choose?

Among physically active people, protein supplements can work, which can supply the body with valuable amino acids even seven hours after their consumption. Such slowly digestible dietary supplements include micellar casein, i.e. protein, which constitutes the majority of proteins included in cow's milk.

Although the differences between casein, soy and whey are not large, casein as a protein for the night gains an advantage because it can ensure a long release of amino acids and maintain their availability at a high level throughout the night.

Micellar casein is a source of valuable amino acids, i.a. branched chain amino acids BCAA or L-glutamine. It is distinguished by prolonged digestion time and subsequent absorption of nutrients, which at the same time can prolong the feeling of satiety and limit snacking. Therefore, the substance can support not only the regeneration and building muscle mass among athletes, but also make life easier for people who care about a slim figure. In addition, micellar casein can have a positive effect on the maintenance of healthy and strong bones.

Benefits of using protein at night

Night Protein can:

  • stimulate muscles to grow,
  • affect energy metabolism,
  • provide a feeling of satiety, suppress appetite and limit night snacking,
  • improve general quality of sleep,
  • support the development of muscle mass and strength,
  • promote weight reduction,
  • inhibit catabolic processes,
  • positively affect muscle regeneration and really micro-damages.

Adequate Night Protein dosage

Right portion of protein for the night should depend on the overall diet and the supply of a macronutrient along with other meals consumed during the day.

Most often it is recommended to provide the body with 20-30 g of protein before bedtime, but the exact values depend on the type of product used.

The amount of Night Protein is always worth adjusting to your own needs.

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