Ornithine is an endogenous amino acid that plays a significant role in the hepatic synthesis of urea from ammonia and carbon dioxide. It helps to detoxify the liver and brain. It is especially important during a high-protein diet, because the urea excretion from the body is significantly higher. The presence of ornithine in the body is very important not only for athletes but for others, because it performs many functions in the body. It affects the transformation of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. It soothes the unpleasant effects of stress. The human body is able to synthesise it itseft, but it needs the help of arginine supplied with food or supplements. During use, the level of serum and urea in urine should be regularly monitored. According to the tests, it shows relaxation properties and improves the quality of sleep. In the case of athletes, it helps to increase the rate of metabolism and the development of muscle tissue. This preparation is used during weight loss. Ornithine is indicated for cirrhosis and hepatitis. It also has the properties of increasing the tolerance of substances that damage the liver parenchyma, for example, anti-cancer drugs and antituberculous drugs. Side effects are very rare. If they are, they appear in the form of diarrhea, feelings of flatulence, vomiting, allergic reaction or pain in the limbs.

Ornithine is most commonly available in the form of easily soluble powder or tablets. As a supplement for physically active people, it is recommended in doses from 500 to 20000 mg. As a medicine, it should be used according to the recommendations of your doctor.

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