Carbohydrates are one of the three basic nutrients on which individual diets are built. As a standard, they should account for about 50% of our daily energy supply. And although they are not necessary for us to survival, they are very important for our well-being and quality of training. Moreover, a lot of carbohydrates contain many vitamins and minerals that allow our body to function properly. People who exercise a lot and intensely are exposed to caloric deficiencies, in which case it is best to reach for sports supplements containing carbohydrates. Both professionals and people who treat sport as a hobby appreciate products that can be used as a meal replacement. Carbohydrate nutrients are also used to supplement glycogen after intense training. They absorb gradually, which makes them provide a feeling of satiety for a long time, at the same time guaranteeing adequate nutrition of tissues, and thus faster growth and regeneration of muscles.

Carbohydrate nutrients for athletes are available in the form of powder, isotonic drinks, gels or bars. The most popular of them are carbohydrate, dextrose, Vitargo and Waxy Maize. These products consist mainly of carbohydrates, which are a source of energy and allow adequate supplementation of glycogen in the body. Often, however, they also contain a number of vitamins and minerals that support regeneration, facilitate the absorption of nutrients, and strengthen the immune system. The use of this type of nutrients promotes the building of muscle mass and is often an excellent option to supplement caloric deficiency when we do not have time to prepare meals. Supplements with carbohydrates are available for direct consumption or preparation (usually dissolved in water). It is recommended to consume them immediately after or during the workout. Systematic delivery of electrolytes and glycogen during exercise allows you to achieve better results at the gym.

Carbohydrates are recommended mainly for athletes who train intensely. During the effort, glycogen deficiency makes us feel the loss of strength and fatigue, therefore, to return to normal functioning, glycogen should be supplemented. What's more, nutrients with carbohydrates effectively affect faster growth and better muscle recovery, so you can reduce the intervals between workouts. Carbohydrates are used by bodybuilders, runners, CrossFit enthusiasts and all who care about the rapid increase in strength. They can be used by all active people, and especially by those who prefer physical activity, and have problems with gaining muscle mass.

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