HMB, or beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate, is nothing but the fatty acid produced in the body from the amino acid leucine, and is an essential component in the potential increase in muscle mass. HMB arises as a result of a process that leads to protein breakdown, i.e. so-called proteolysis. However, HMB is not a supplement suitable for everyone. It works best among people who start their adventure with the gym, workouts or sport in general. In this situation, HMB is considered one of the best available nutrients, and also works well for people who return to training after a long break or a serious injury. For such a group of people, the action of HMB will be quickly visible - usually the increase of muscle mass and strength is quickly noted, and our adipose tissue also quickly disappears. For people who train regularly and for a long time, the HMB dietary supplement is simply unnecessary. The human body with this training experience generates and replaces the benefits of using this supplement.

HMB plays an important role in connection with damaged muscles and pain associated with them - it helps muscles to regenerate and return their full strength.

HMB works anti-catabolic, and the main role is attributed to hydroxymethylbutyrate, which is primarily responsible for the protection of muscle proteins, as well as for the increase in mass and strengthening the muscles.

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