Protein blends

Protein blends are unique blends of high-quality concentrates and protein isolates. As the name implies, they contain more than one source of protein. They have a high biological value. The amount of fats and carbohydrates in the mixture is small. Each of them has a unique amino acid profile and their absorption rate is different from each other. It is recommended for people who train intensively in the gym. It can be a blend of whey protein and micellar casein protein, egg protein or whey protein and whey protein isolate. Many benefits can be gained by using a protein blend. Easy and fast released proteins are often combined. They work great as a supplement that sustains the release of proteins during the day. This is important between meals and at bedtime, because then our body needs the most amino acids that support the regeneration processes. In addition, the protein blends help in maintaining healthy bones, and this is especially important during intense workouts. Using blends, we can be sure that the muscles are provided with nutrient and will not be forced to catabolic activities. Using blends, we can be sure that the muscles are provided with nutrient and will not take a part in catabolic activities.

Protein blends have universal application. They can be used while building good quality muscle mass and during slimming. Thanks to supplementation, the body is provided with optimal growth, thermogenic and regenerative conditions. It is a big luxury for every person who trains and it is worth taking it into account. There are many flavors of protein blends on the market, which is also a great variation for the diet.

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