Isotonics are products that aimed to supplement electrolytes after a hard, intense workout. Isotonic drinks allow to limit nutrient deficiencies, which are excreted with sweat. It is recommended that such products be consumed not only after training, but also during it. Thanks to this, we can exercise longer and more intensively, and thus - achieve better results.

Isotonics may differ from each other in composition. Many of them contain a large dose of carbohydrates. Such beverages are intended not only to supplement electrolytes, but also to fill up calorie deficiencies. This means that we regenerate strength faster and support muscle growth.

There are two main forms of isotonics: powder and liquid. The former usually have a lower price per serving. What's more, in this case we can choose the appropriate dose of isotonic, necessary to supplement nutrients and dissolve it in water. Isotonics in the liquid are ready-to-drink beverages, which you can bring to the gym with you.

People who exercise frequently and intensively should take care of supplementing the electrolytes, because their deficiency is conducive to the deterioration of regeneration and general well-being. Isotonic drinks work more effectively than water, as they also contain a number of vitamins and minerals that support the functioning of athlete's body. Isotonics are not only effective at the gym, but also during bicycle trips or football matches with friends.

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