Pre-workout supplements is a salvation on days when we have no energy and motivation to exercise. Their task is to stimulate the body for physical exertion. Their operation is practically immediate and they provide us with energy for the whole duration of the training. It leads that we burn more fat and build lean muscle mass. These types of supplements accelerate the work of the heart through a faster flow of blood in the body.

Pre-workout supplements have much higher concentration of substances than other products. That is why it is so important not to exceed the recommended dose. People with heart problems should be careful about such products. Pre-workout supplements contain caffeine, which has a strong stimulating effect, which is why the exceeding of the dose may endanger our health or life.

There is a huge selection of such products on the market. They can be found in various forms, most often they are available in the form of powder. The composition may differ from one another, so you should read the information about ingredients on the packaging. There are three types of pre-workout complexes:

Pre-workout pump

Pumps do not stimulate the nervous system, it means that we will not find caffeine, theophylline and ephedrine in them. They are recommended for people who are allergic to the above-mentioned stimulants. They increase strength.

Classic pre-workout complex

Classic pre-workout complex can be used by healthy people. It increases muscle performance and stimulate the body to more intense exercise.

Pre-workout complex for endurance sports

Pre-workout complex for endurance sports are used by athletes who practice endurance sports and intensive strength trainings. It significantly increases energy and help the body to withstand high loads. In fact, every pre-workout complex has creatine and amino acids in its composition which significantly increase the energy production in muscle cells. 

Most often we also find in them L-arginine, which has a beneficial effect on muscle regeneration. They also have valuable beta-alanine, which affects the reduction of lactic acid, i.e. reduces muscle soreness. Pre-workout complex enhance the properties of creatine. Caffeine is a frequently used ingredient. It increases the body's temperature boosting your metabolism, which helps in reduction of body fat. Frequently, we can find ingredients such as citrulline, taurine, choline in the composition.

However, the amount of ingredients has the least importance, the most important is to maintain moderation when using such products. As you can see, everyone can find the right pre-workout for themselves. It all depends on effect you want to get. This type of products should not be used by older people, children and breastfeeding women and pregnant women. It's best to start with half the recommended dose and wait for the body's reactions. If everything is fine, you can take the remaining dose.

Why are they really pre-workout?

Thanks to them, you have the chance to discover your potential. Together with a well-balanced diet and intensive trainings you will step toward your dream figure.

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