Mineral complex

A complex of minerals and vitamins are essential dietary components supplied with food. Most often they are complexes of compounds that the human body is unable to produce by itself, delivered together with food, in the process of analysis, broken down to simpler compounds, necessary for the proper functioning of individual systems and organs, as well as the whole body.

The body needs minerals in order to regenerate more effectively, and increase muscle tissue growth, as well as supporting metabolism, production of new cells, and transporting oxygen to the blood. To provide the body with proper amount of minerals, it is recommended to supplement it with a mineral complex. These are dietary supplements rich in particular compounds, elements and vitamins, thanks to which you can quickly and effectively replenish shortages that arose as a result of intense training or in connection with an inadequate diet.

In the case of supplements, the daily requirement for individual ingredients was taken into account. Often also used auxiliary substances that promote the absorption of minerals and vitamins.

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