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Carbohydrates are an indispensable element of the diet of every person practicing sports, especially strength sports and endurance sports. Carbohydrates are a natural building block of muscle mass. Therefore, for the proper development of the body shape and to obtain the optimal effect during exercise, it is necessary to provide the body with sufficient amount of carbohydrates, which are a great source of energy.

The amount of carbohydrates delivered with food may not be sufficient to maintain growth or adequate muscle mass. Carbohydrates protect the body against catabolism, which is why carbohydrate supplements are a willingly used preparations.

Due to the comprehensive action and elementary function in the construction of the body and the functioning of individual systems, it is recommended to use carbohydrate supplements to ensure health. A balanced diet, rich in nutrients, supports the right amount of carbohydrates, and it is the certainty of excellent results during exercise. An additional advantage is faster regeneration after training and greater motivation to exercise.

Thanks to carbohydrates, the workouts can take longer and run more intensively. It should be remembered that in the case of people training two hours a day, it is recommended to take 4-7 g of carbohydrates for each kilogram of muscles.

Due to the fact that carbohydrate consumption translates into muscle endurance, these nutrients are readily used by cyclists, mma fighters, long-distance running or swimming.

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