Fat burners

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Dietary supplements such as fat burners or fat reducers are products supporting weight loss. In combination with physical activity they bring very effective results, and are also recommended for people who want to lose a few extra kilos.

The operation of this type of supplements is based on a thermogenic effect. Often used in this type of supplements: guarana, caffeine or synephrine are designed to raise body temperature, which in turn translates into faster and more efficient burning of calories.

Fat burners stimulate our body to use reserves from adipose tissue, which is rapidly eliminated, and optimal effects are achieved in combination with exercises that additionally allow to obtain an aesthetic and muscular silhouette.

The fat burners work on two planes. In the thermogenesis process: the body burns calories by maintaining the right temperature and even by increasing it. In the lipolysis process: energy processes in fat cells proceed more intensively, which leads to faster fat burning. This process occurs thanks to two types of hormones: adrenaline and noradrenaline.

An additional advantage of using dietary supplements from the group of fat burners is the injection of energy they provide and the leveling of fatigue, which can be used during training.

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