Loyalty program

Use an attractive loyalty program offered by OstroVit.com!

In OstroVit.com online store you can get an attractive loyalty program. Every customer receives points for purchases and can exchange them for products. Every zloty is 1 point on your account!

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Tip: By entering the tab of the product you need, you can see how many points you can get for purchasing it, and check its price in points. Do you want to use your points? Click Buy for points.

Rules of OstroVit.com program

Rules of our loyalty program are very simple! When you purchase products, you get 1 point for each zloty you spend. In turn 20 points is 1 zloty to be used in our store.

Example: When you do the shopping for 300 zlotys, you receive 300 points in the loyalty program. What does it mean? Next time you do the purchase, you can collect a product whose value is 15 zlotys for free!

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How to exchange points?

In order to exchange loyalty points for products, go to the product you need and click Buy for points. The product will be added to your cart and its price in points will be reduced from your customer’s account after the deal is done.

Note: To exchange points for products, at first you have to log into your account. Before logging in the place which allows exchange, you will see the message: Log in to buy for points.

What does not let you collect points?

Remember that points are calculated only for value of products, and it does not include shipping costs. For example – if you pay 50 zlotys for products and 11,90 zlotys for shipping, you will receive 50 points under the loyalty program.

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What cannot you exchange points for?

The only thing for which you cannot pay with points is delivery costs. You will not be required to pay for shipping when the value of your order reaches 69 zlotys!

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How long do points remain valid?

The loyalty program points are valid for an indefinite period of time. It means you can use them at any time!

How to check the number of points?

  • Log into the customer’s account
  • Go to Your Account tab
  • The number of points will be presented in the Loyalty program section
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