Skipping rope

Skipping ropes are not only gadgets for children, which provide fun in the yard or playground, but also a great training device, which can engage many muscle groups and be part of conditioning training.

Skipping ropes can work among beginners lovers of physical activity, as well as in the group of professional athletes. It is a simple exercise tool, which is used by both schoolgirls and heavyweight boxers.

Why use a skipping rope?

Jumping rope, contrary to appearances, can be an effective workout, which can:

  • improve motor coordination,
  • improve reflexes and balance,
  • affect the increase of the body's efficiency,
  • support muscle development and sculpting,
  • increase endurance,
  • shape the figure, especially legs and arms,
  • support weight reduction and fat burning - already 30 minutes of jumping rope can contribute to the loss of 300-400 kcal.

Intensive jumping rope training can also improve blood circulation, make joints more flexible and strengthen the whole body.

The advantages of the sports device also include its compactness, lightness and small size. Thanks to this, the skipping rope will easily fit in your bag and you will be able to do the workout wherever you want - in the park, at the gym or on the beach.

How to jump rope?

The question how to jump rope seems to be easy, however, there are various ways of doing training with a use of skipping rope. The question "how to jump rope?" seems trivial, but there are different ways to do jumping rope training.

The most popular is jumping with joined legs. It is also the simplest method of exercise. Often you can also meet with bouncing jogging, "in the style of a lajkonik". A slightly more difficult task may be jumping by making rompers, i.e. alternately expanding and joining the legs. To engage other muscle parts during training, you can also jump sideways or rotate the body 360 degrees.

Other techniques are also possible, such as jumping on one leg, jumping with crossing rope or performing a skipping rope.

In fact, the only limitation when performing exercises using this simple tool is imagination.

Skipping rope jumping rope uneven or types of skipping ropes

Although the training rope is not distinguished by a too extensive and complicated construction, you can find several types of this sports device on the market.

There are available:

  • rope skipping ropes, which can be a good solution for beginners, because they are cheap and very light,
  • rubber skipping ropes, which can allow faster jumping than string skipping ropes, which is why they can work among both beginners and more advanced users,
  • metal skipping ropes, which are slightly heavier and thus can increase training effects,
  • leather skipping ropes, which work well as boxing ropes - they are heavy and fast and thus can allow you to perform a variety of exercises to improve the condition of the body.

Skipping ropes - for whom?

Skipping ropes are a way to have fun among children. Also, adults who decide to train with this tool can derive considerable joy from it.

Jumping rope can be a good method of exercise among people practicing fitness, as well as gymnastics, crossfit or martial arts. The equipment can also work among people who care about reducing body fat.

Jumping rope can also be an element of warm-up among athletes of various disciplines, as well as a training tool among boxers. After all, even the famous Rocky Balboa jumped rope before the fight!

How to choose the right skipping rope?

Choosing the right skipping rope is not a difficult task.

The most important issue is to choose the right length of equipment. Jumping rope, which is too long can get tangled between your legs, hook on your shoes and make your training not only ineffective, but also unpleasant.

Too short, however, can force the user to high jumps or hand contracture and thus may negatively affect the comfort of the exercises.

In our offer you will find sports skipping ropes with adjustable length, which can be a good solution to adjust it individually to your height and needs.

When choosing the right skipping rope, it is also worth paying attention to the handles - do they fit well to the hand and are they comfortable? An important element is also to choose the weight of the line to the type of activities performed.

When you adjust the equipment to your needs and capabilities, you have no choice but to enjoy the exercises.

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