Joint Support

Most of us do not care about joints. On the contrary - we often expose them to risks! This situation may last till they work properly. When the joints begin to rebel, it will be necessary to act quickly and comprehensively.

Joints combine as many as 206 different bones in the human body. These are movable connections between the skeleton elements. They are covered with the hyaline cartilage, which they owe their mobility to. Unfortunately, with time, the joints begin to rub off - this is a completely natural process, but too fast a rate of wear will inevitably lead to mobility problems. What situations are particularly dangerous for our joints? Overweight, inactivity, spending many hours in a sitting position, intensive strength sports, inappropriate footwear ... is not the whole list of adverse factors. If you feel that getting up in the morning is getting harder and your joints do not work as well as before, it's time for intensive regeneration!

How should the regeneration of joints be provided? The most effective way is properly selected supplementation. What joint supplements are the best?

  • MSM - methylsulfonylmethane, also referred to as organic sulfur. It occurs in the body, but needs to be supplied. Unfortunately, there is not much MSM in food, so it is worth reaching for supplements. MSM has a very positive, wide impact on the body. First of all, it efficiently rebuilds the joints and provides them with in-depth nutrition. It reduces pain and inflammation of the joints. In addition, it is the basic building material for creatine and collagen;
  • Glucosamine - effectively protects against joint pain. With age, its amount in the body falls, so it should be supplemented. Glucosamine is used by cartilage cells - it reduces the activity of enzymes involved in cartilage degradation. It also improves the transport of sulfur to the joints, protects them against overload and degenerative diseases;
  • Collagen - is characterized by unusual stretchiness. It is collagen provides the joints with adequate mobility. It protects joints from overloads, which is why it is extremely important for athletes. In addition, collagen reduces the risk of wrinkles, thus providing a youthful appearance of the skin;
  • Hyaluronic acid - the main component of synovial fluid. Responsible for its viscosity, as well as for protecting joints from too fast abrasion. It provides mobility to joints because it protects cells from damage. In addition, it improves the overall condition of the skin;
  • Omega-3 fatty acids - necessary for the health of joints. They improve the absorption of calcium and reduce pain caused by rheumatic diseases. They can also counteract pain and degenerative changes.

Supplements for healthy joints and regeneration is not all you should do! You should also take care of the daily activity, properly balanced diet and good quality footwear. Thanks to this, you will protect yourself against too early wear of the joints or unpleasant morning stiffness. It is not without reason why athletes care so carefully about their joints - take an example of them and provide your joints with a really solid support.

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