This antioxidant is called "vitamin for eyes". It belongs to a very large group of compounds - carotenoids (natural plant dyes). Positively affects the eyes first of all. Protects the macula (the most important point on the retina) from dangerous sunlight. In addition, it improves the memory and cares about the beautiful appearance of the skin. It protects healthy cells by inhibiting the growth of malignant cells. According to the research, lutein supports heart function thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It occurs mainly in green vegetables (spinach, kale) and egg yolk. Lutein in the form of a supplement should be taken with a meal rich in fats (to provide better absorption).

Lutein is especially recommended for people who work under artificial light, feel tired, red or watery eyes or want to keep their eyes in good condition.

The recommended daily portion of lutein is 6-20 mg. 6 mg of lutein = the whole plate of fresh spinach. Why bother so? (Spinach belongs to the group of least favorite vegetables). Choose a dietary supplement with purified lutein, in the free form offered by Fitness Trading.

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