Pasta and Rice

Pasta and rice are usually high-carbohydrate ingredients in dishes, which also contribute significant amounts of calories to the diet.

We decided to change this and implement innovative ways to guarantee you the fullness of taste, which will not destroy your diet and previous sports achievements, but on the contrary - will provide you with the necessary energy to act and help you on the way to your goal!

Pasta and konjac rice - what is it?

Both pasta and rice that you can find in our offer have been created on the basis of the root of a plant known as konjac.

It is a plant from the Amorphophallus family originating from Asia, i.e. a perennial reaching impressive sizes, the root of which is used, i.a. for the production of flour, called konjac flour.

Konjac flour does not contain protein, fat, sugar or gluten. It is pure soluble fiber, which is becoming more and more popular, especially among supporters of low-carbohydrate and reduction diets.

Thus, pasta and rice from our offer will not destroy your diet and previous sports achievements. After all, in 100 g of konjac pasta you can find only 6 kcal!

Konjac pasta and rice can give you satiety and increase the volume of stomach contents, while inhibiting the hunger center in the brain and contributing to the consumption of smaller amounts of food. In addition, products made from konjac flour can positively affect intestinal peristalsis and support metabolic changes in the body.

Pasta and rice from our offer can not only support people on reduction diets, but also diabetic ones. Konjac pasta and rice can be distinguished by a low glycemic index, and what is more, these products may show the ability to improve glycemia.

Since both konjac pasta and rice do not contain any gluten cereals, they can also be used by people suffering from celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.

At the same time, products can be a valuable source of vitamins, such as vitamin A, C, D or E and minerals, calcium, potassium, phosphorus or zinc.

Who are konjac pastas and rice for?

Konjac pasta and rice are products, which will work in the daily diet of each of us!

  • It is a great choice among lovers of an active lifestyle,
  • A good solution for diabetics and people with insulin resistance,
  • A tasty meal for vegetarians and vegans,
  • A nutritious dish for people on a gluten-free diet,
  • Perfect alternative for people on a reduction diet,
  • Tasty base for low-carb and ketogenic dishes

Konjac pasta and rice are universal products, which will perfectly fit into any menu, regardless of the dietary restrictions used!

A method of preparing dishes based on the konjac root

Konjac pasta and rice is a tasty base, which is extremely easy to prepare!

We know that it is often the sheer volume of duties and lack of time, which stops you from eating a healthy and balanced diet and eating nutritious meals. We also know it can be frustrating.

However, now, together with pasta or konjac rice, you can forget about all the limits. It is extremely easy to prepare a dish, which you can conjure up in just a moment.

Simply remove the product from the packaging and drain excess water. Rinse under running water and add to your favorite sauce or soup. That is all it takes to be able to enjoy the full taste without consequences for your diet and figure!

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