Stimulants are supplements that activate and stimulate the activities of the nervous system. They are most often used by physically active people. The task of stimulants is to provide motivation for further effective action as well as to increase energy and concentration. These substances not only facilitate training, but can also improve their quality.

Stimulants - what exactly is it?

More specifically, it is a group of psychoactive substances that have an activating and stimulating effect. They increase the activity of the central or sympathetic nervous system. Stimulants allow you to reduce the feeling of fatigue during physical exertion, and at the same time increase concentration and efficiency of the body.

The use of these agents is very wide, but it is important to stick to the portions of supplements recommended by manufacturers, because the abuse of stimulants can be very dangerous.

Stimulants – for whom?

Stimulants are most often used by people with an active lifestyle who perform regular and exhausting training. The purpose of their use is to support you before exercise, increase energy and stimulate you to perform the next series of exercises.

At the same time, stimulants are used more and more often by people who do not have much in common with sport, but who make a lot of mental effort. These substances increase concentration and increase the level of concentration, while eliminating the signs of fatigue. Thus, the mind works more efficiently, and man is able to work more and longer.

Stimulants can also support fat burning in the weight loss process, because they have thermogenic properties. Some of the available stimulants also work well as appetite blockers.

Purpose of application

Stimulants are used for various purposes, i.a. to reduce the feeling of fatigue, increase concentration and mindfulness, increase cognitive abilities, improve exercise capacity, including endurance of the body and for slimming purposes to reduce the amount of body fat.

These substances have a high pro-cognitive potential, which means that they give quick and clear results. Thanks to this, they are very popular, not only in the world of sports. Depending on the ingredients used in the stimulant, they may have a short-term or long-term effect.

Used in moderation and common sense, they can be very helpful, but many stimulants are addictive, so you have to be very careful when using them.

What substances do we classify as stimulants?

The most popular stimulant is, of course, caffeine, which stimulates the body and facilitates concentration by directly affecting the functioning of the central nervous system. Caffeine also increases the secretion of adrenaline in the adrenal cortex, reduces drowsiness and has a positive effect on reflexes. This substance can also increase endurance.

Guarana is another commonly used stimulant. It has a similar effect as caffeine, stimulates the body, while improving mood. It can also affect the acceleration of metabolism, thus supporting weight reduction. It differs from caffeine in a longer and more stable action.

In turn, piperine is an alkaloid, a component of black pepper that enhances thermogenesis, i.e. the process of heat production, during which the body burns calories, and lipolysis, i.e. oxidation of adipose tissue. Piperine contributes to increasing the production of gastric juice and thus has a positive effect on the digestive process. In addition, the alkaloid has a stimulating effect.

Ginseng can also be classified as a stimulant. It is a supplement that activates the central nervous system, which increases the efficiency of the body.

Lecithin is another interesting compound that has a positive effect on concentration and focus, as well as reduces stress and has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.

Ephedrine is also classified as a stimulant, used especially by athletes. This substance affects the increase in blood pressure, narrowing of blood vessels and acceleration of heart function. Ephedrine causes bronchodilation, and thus improves the effectiveness of exercises. The compound also supports the process of fat burning, which is why it can be willingly used by people who want to get rid of unnecessary kilograms, although it is not widely available without a prescription.

In supplementation, compounds such as pseudoephedrine, ginseng, tyrosine or phenylalanine are also used as stimulants. This group also includes substances that are not legal and allowed, e.g. cocaine or amphetamines.

Are stimulants safe?

Stimulants are a group of supplements intended for healthy and active people. The main contraindication to their use are heart and circulatory system diseases.

Stimulants taken occasionally add strength and energy, but when abused, they can disrupt the functioning of the whole body, causing i.a. headaches and dizziness or deterioration of well-being.

It is important that stimulants in the form of supplements be used in accordance with the recommendations on the packaging or leaflet. Then we can be sure that the preparation will not harm us.

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