What is it actually like? This is defined as unprocessed products that should content a high level of nutrients, as well as significantly improve the functioning of our body, as well as positively affect, among others, well-being, concentration, memory, provide us with the energy necessary to operate, or cleanse the body of overdue toxins. This concept is well known to people who are more interested in the topic of healthy eating, who attach great importance to the components of their daily diet, their properties and the way they operate. In the case of superfoods, there is no common list. There are also no restrictions on the country of origin. Its name we can determine both Polish garlic or apples, as well as exotic fruits. In order for a specific, raw product to become a superfood, it must have a natural origin, and regular consumption should have a positive effect on health.  Due to the growing interest, products of lower quality are appearing more often. Therefore, when shopping, it is worth paying attention to the food with "Eco" certificate.     Super foods are natural products that should have a high content of vitamins and minerals as well as nutrients, have a positive impact on the body, its functioning, and affect both mood and concentration or memory. It also lists the content of antioxidants, which simultaneously inhibit the aging process and reduce the risk associated with the appearance of cancer cells. Also, the circulatory and immune systems, digestive and nervous systems should receive the necessary ingredients for the proper functioning and its improvement, contained in super food. These are only general trends and determinants. Super food is a very extensive concept, in which it is difficult to use the detailed operation of specific products, because there is a really large number of them. To a large extent, you can only use the general mode of operation, characteristic of a products group referred to as superfoods. As well as garlic, chia seeds can also be included in this group of elements of the daily diet, which you can use when preparing a specific dish.     Of course, there are no limitations in the case of superfoods. Among these products, we find both suitable for direct consumption, as well as many fruits, some vegetables, or are ideally suited as a part of the dish or spices. It is worth remembering that super foods are primarily unprocessed and natural products, which is why they can be permanently hosted in the daily diet, as its diversification or addition, support of the cardiovascular system, or intestinal work, or even an agent that helps detoxify the organism. In many cases it may be a seasoning or a snack. It is certainly worth taking care of a balanced, healthy and wholesome diet that will improve the overall functioning of both the body and the mind.

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