Superfoods are not products full of magical powers, which will make you lose unnecessary kilograms at the snap of your fingers or improve the functioning of the whole body.

Super food, on the other hand, are unprocessed and natural food products that are distinguished by the richness of valuable ingredients and high nutritional value. As permanent elements of a daily, balanced diet, they can support the work of the body and have a beneficial effect on the body.

What is superfoods?

Superfoods are a colloquial, marketing term for unprocessed food products of natural origin, which are distinguished by high nutritional value and richness of valuable ingredients and their regular consumption can positively affect human health.

The task of superfoods is to supplement the daily diet with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Since superfoods come from natural products, they are well absorbed by the body.

The term superfoods was first used in the journal "Nature Nutrution" in 1998. Therefore, it can be considered that it is a relatively new concept.

What is equally interesting, the first product included in the group of superfoods were bananas. Their consumption was promoted due to their low price, food and easy digestibility, and additionally their availability and natural "packaging" were praised.

The importance of superfoods in the daily diet

Articles from the superfoods group can supplement nutrients, vitamins and minerals in the daily diet, as well as positively affect well-being.

Due to the richness of antioxidants in superfoods, it can be considered that superfoods can support the fight against free radicals, reduce oxidative stress, and delay the aging process.

At the same time, thanks to the richness of vitamins and minerals, superfoods can support the work of the immune, circulatory or nervous systems.

The use of superfoods without a healthy and active lifestyle is unlikely to help much, but by including superfoods in a daily, balanced menu and using physical activity regularly, we can support our body and improve its functioning.

Products, which can be considered superfoods

It is difficult to create a single list of products referred to as superfoods, because it includes a variety and numerous articles.

These are unprocessed, natural products, distinguished by high nutritional value. These include i.a. many fruits, vegetables, as well as algae and herbs.

Contrary to appearances, superfoods are not only exotic fruits and products with unknown names. The name of a super food can also include well-known kale or linseed. In addition, in the group of superfoods you can find:

  • Millet groats, which can support the cleansing of the body of toxins and due to the richness of vitamins, have a beneficial effect on the complexion, hair and nails. It can also support concentration and have antiviral effects.
  • Goji berries - may have an antioxidant effect and in addition, they can support the body's immune system and have a beneficial effect on memory and the weight loss process.
  • Pumpkin, which can positively affect intestinal peristalsis and digestive processes. It may also have anti-inflammatory properties and strengthen the immune system.
  • Spirulina, which can support the body's detoxification processes, as well as strengthen the immune system and lower blood sugar levels.
  • Chia seeds - can be a valuable source of calcium, and what's more, they can stimulate intestinal peristalsis. They can also have a positive effect on the lipid profile and accelerate metabolism.
  • Algae - can reduce inflammation in the body and have antiviral and antibacterial effects. They can also have detoxification and antioxidant effects.
  • Garlic, which can strengthen resistance and the work of the immune system. In addition, garlic may exhibit anticoagulant properties.
  • Maca root, which may have pro-cognitive properties, i.e. support memory and concentration. It can also reduce the feeling of fatigue and stimulate the body to act.
  • Strawberries, which can stimulate intestinal peristalsis, as well as fastem metabolic process. Additionally, strawberries can be used as a natural anti-inflammatory agent.
  • Chlorella, which can support the immune functions of the body, and what's more, support the proper regulation of glycemia and have a positive effect on the lipid profile in the body.
  • Pumpkin seeds - can slow down the aging process in the body and additionally have a positive effect on the lipid profile. They can also stimulate metabolism and relieve headaches.
  • Blueberries - can support the work of the liver and eyesight, and what is more, they can support the work of the circulatory system and have a positive effect on memory.

As we mentioned earlier, the list of superfoods is really long and this is only a small percentage of products, which can positively affect human health.

Since these are often widely available foods, which occur naturally in nature, their inclusion in the daily diet is not a difficult task, and can have a beneficial effect on the whole body. And although superfoods will not guarantee our health, they can support the processes taking place in the body and have a positive impact on it.

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