The store supports the following payment methods:

 Payment by traditional bank transfer


  • Transfer in Zlotys (PLN):

Data for transfer: Fitness Trading Robert Szulborski ul. Sitarska 16 18-300 Zambrów Poland

Account number: 04 1020 3802 0000 1202 0134 7087

Bank name: PKO Bank Polski S.A.


  • Transfer in Euro (EUR):

Data for transfer: Fitness Trading Robert Szulborski ul. Sitarska 16 18-300 Zambrów Polska

Bank name: PKO Bank Polski S.A.

IBAN: PL23102038020000110201687458



  • Transfer in US dollar (USD):

Data for transfer: Fitness Trading Robert Szulborski ul. Sitarska 16 18-300 Zambrów Poland

Bank name: PKO Bank Polski S.A.

IBAN: PL73102013320000160210797985



 Payment on delivery (cash on delivery)

Payment enabling payment for an order when receiving a parcel from a courier. Payment is available in Poland and only when choosing the shipping method: courier delivery.



PayPal works on the principle of a virtual purse (digital wallet). In PayPal, customers can pay by credit card or PayPal account balances, which can be credited with transfers from a bank account or other PayPal account. The American online payment tycoon is present in 190 countries, of which 23 have local websites. PayPal allows payments in 25 currencies. PayPal payments also enable payment of MasterCard Mobile.

An online payment system that supports thousands of online stores. The payment methods include: internet transfers, e-transfers and the BLIK system. Transfers allow you to execute orders without delay.

Supported payments: Alior Bank, BPS Bank, Bank Millennium, Bank Pekao, Bank Pocztowy, Cooperative Banks from the SGB Group and BPSBGŻ, BNP Paribas, BLIK, BO¦ Bank, Citi Handlowy, Credit Agricole, Euro Bank, Getin Bank, IdeaBank, ING Bank ¦l±ski, Inteligo, iPKO, JCB, Maestrom, Bank, NeoBank, Nest Bank, Pay Way, Toyota Bank, PBS Bank, Plus Bank, Raiffeisen Polbank, Santander Bank Poland, SGBT-mobile, Banking Services Volkswagen Bank.


 Payments by credit card and debit card

In our store you can pay by credit cards and debit cards such as MasterCard, Mastercard Electronic, MasterPass, Maestro, MasterCard Mobile, VISA, JCB.


 IAI Pay

The IAI-Shop SA online payment system. allowing min. for the purchase of products in installments under mBank mRaty.

Supported payments: Noble Bank, mBank mRaty, Orange, Net-bank express.


 Transfer24 (Przelewy24)

Simple, fast and secure online payments that enable express order processing.

Supported payments: MasterCard, Visa, BNP Paribas Fortis, Getin Online, mPay, r-Przelew Raiffeisen Polbank, SKOK, SkyCash, Mastercard Electronic, MasterPass.



A payment system that allows online payments and online money transfers, which are an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods, such as checks and direct debits.

Supported payments: Sofort, Skrill.

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