OstroVit Acupressure mat and pillowOstroVit Acupressure mat and pillowOstroVit Acupressure mat and pillowOstroVit Acupressure mat and pillowOstroVit Acupressure mat and pillowOstroVit Acupressure mat and pillow

OstroVit Acupressure mat and pillow

55% linen, 45% cotton
Mat filling:
100% cocoa fiber
Pillow filling:
100% natural buckwheat hull
natural linen color with white rosettes
Net weight:
2240 g
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OstroVit Acupressure mat and pillow
32,80 €

OstroVit Mat with acupressure pillow

The mat + acupressure spiky pillow by OstroVit is a great offer for all those who look for a product based on a 100% natural material which thanks to a soft massage can help you relax and fight against pain

Acupressure mat

The product is made of linen. The inside of the mat is 100% coconut fiber, and the pillows are filled with purified natural buckwheat husk, which has a number of properties:

  • is anti-allergic (hinders growth of mite and bacteria),
  • thanks to good air permeability, the head does not get sweat during a sleep,
  • has anti-bedsore properties,
  • keeps a neutral temperature,
  • perfectly adapts to the body, so it provides optimal support for the head and spine,
  • is 100% natural – comes from Poland.

Every mat comes with a handy cotton bag for storage and transport.

Advantages of using the mat and pillow:

  • reduces pain in the spine, head, shoulders, neck, back,
  • provides considerable peace and relaxation,
  • supports proper blood circulation,
  • boosts energy,
  • helps in relieving pain conditions,
  • guarantees faster recovery after workouts.

How to use the mat and pillow?

There are not any rules – you can lie on the mat, step or sit on it, wrap the pillow under the neck. The frequency of using the mat depends on your specific preferences. We advise you to start from short 5-15-minute sessions and gradually prolong them to reach 40 minutes. If you want to take the most benefit, make sure the skin touches the mat.

Contraindications for using the mat and spiky pillow:

  • impaired blood coagulation,
  • use of anticoagulants,
  • sensitive skin,
  • open skin damage,
  • pregnancy.

Care and storage:

  1. 1. Store the mat in an original bag, wrapped with spikes facing outwards, to avoid wear and tear.
  2. 2. Do not wash the mat in the washing machine or dry in a dryer. Wash it manually with lukewarm water and soap. Rinse and dry carefully.

Technical data

  • Mat size: 45 x 72 cm
  • Number of rosettes with spikes on the mat: 210
  • Pillow size: 34 x 46 cm
  • Number of rosettes with spikes on the pillow: 95
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