OstroVit Hula-Hoop OstroVit Hula-Hoop OstroVit Hula-Hoop

OstroVit Hula-Hoop

95 cm
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960 g
dark green
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OstroVit Hula-Hoop
9,64 €

OstroVit Hula-Hoop

A hula-hoop with massage projection is a folding ring by OstroVit which gives an effective stomach, hip, buttocks and other body part massage. The hula-hoop improves the figure and helps you lose weight in various body parts. Regular use can shape your figure, reduce your waist and boost your blood circulation and mood.

Hula-Hoop with massage projection

The product has massage projection which exerts a pressure on a specific body part during workouts. The ring is about 1 kg heavy and thus has a positive impact on the course of exercises and suitable pressure on the body. Additionally the hoop is covered in a special foam that proves pleasant to the body, adheres to the skin and assures a better grip. Easy hoop storage allows you to fold it into 8 smaller parts – so that it does not take much space and facilitates its carriage into a specific workout venue. The hula-hoop will be a perfect choice for fitness classes, aerobics, gym or home workout.

How to prepare the hoop for exercising?

The hula-hoop is composed of 8 pieces. On each of the parts there is a button for easy installation. All you need to do is press the button and simultaneously insert the white tip into the second piece. This way you can form a full hoop. The operating mechanism guarantees stability and prevents the ring from detaching during the workout.

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