Beta-alanine is a derivative of alpha-alanine and, above all, a supplement that is responsible for the increase in the concentration of carnosine (mainly an organic chemical compound composed of beta-alanine and histidine) in the body. The main task of beta-alanine is to reduce potential fatigue after physical exercise. It not only protects against fatigue after, but also during training and acts positively on muscle damages as well as ensures reduction of their occurrence. The supplement increases the threshold of anaerobic transitions, which significantly reduces the occurrence of oxidations. Of course, beta-alanine has a positive effect on body building and overall muscle mass and strength, and works best with creatine, because these two products fit together perfectly, which brings the best results. Frequent and most importantly - regular use of the discussed supplement will allow you to quickly gain lean body mass.

Beta-alanine has recently become quite a popular element in sports nutrition, because it fits for each physical activity. It works well for full-fledged athletes from every field, as well as for beginners. What is important and interesting, the researches carried out never encountered potential long-term side effects, which in addition to the ability to match the product to everyone, also confirms its safety and effectiveness.

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